Monday, September 22, 2008

Math Number Crew Ideal for Interactive Whiteboards

Now available for $29.95 at AMAZON for US Customers! Buyers outside the USA may purchase through EBAY.

The Number Crew is a suite of 5 CD-ROMs covering math topics for grades K – 1. Children watch video segments introducing concepts and discuss the story lines and the math with their classmates. Topics are reinforced with entertaining and interactive exercises.

With an interactive whiteboard or data projector, each program can be used to effectively teach whole classes, or individual students can review topics as needed.

Children are given the opportunity to represent their ideas in many ways throughout the year. They draw pictures; make graphs; use manipulatives to model situations; and use numbers, tallies or objects to keep track as they count.

Lesson notes are provided with suggestions for class discussions and feedback.

The Number Crew Suite includes 5 Number Crew CD-ROMs:
Know Your Numbers 1
Know Your Numbers 2
Measures, Shapes and Space
Solving Problems

Saturday, January 19, 2008

This blogger LOVES the Amazon Kindle!

I received the new Amazon Kindle as a Christmas gift, and I am hooked! The screen display is excellent -- no strain on my eyes, simple to operate, downloads were a snap. Amazon, as usual, has taken the lead with this amazing product! I've been a big AMAZON customer for a number of years, thanks to their selection, pricing and customer service. I encourage all teachers to check it out!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Human Anatomy Posters - Brain, Heart, Systems of the Body

Human Anatomy Posters features several excellent educational poster sets:

In addition, the website includes general science poster sets for the classroom:

All the poster sets include direct links to Amazon for completion of the purchase. The seller's Amazon Store includes a huge selection of motivational and inspirational poster sets and extra-large laminated posters.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Whole Class Teaching Approach

While educators have always realized the importance of whole-class teaching, since the introduction of No Child Left Behind, more schools are actively searching for tools to help them reach every student in the classroom.

Many schools have experienced the benefits of using interactive whiteboards to captivate the attention of all students in the classroom, regardless of their learning styles. But teachers are often limited by the rudimentary software included with their IWB.

All the whiteboard 'bells and whistles' options will delight 'tech-savvy' educators, but may frustrate the other excellent teachers in your school. Teachers welcome interactive whiteboard technology, but they need software that is appropriate for the subject and skill level of their students.

The use of traditional software with an interactive whiteboard creates more challenges.

Designed for use on individual PCs, these software programs may not allow students in the back of the classroom to clearly see all elements on the board. More importantly, the software may not be designed to involve all students in the lesson and encourage them to participate in class discussions.

Forward thinking software publishers have realized the need for special applications designed with interactive whiteboards and whole-class teaching in mind. These publishers have designed their applications to:

  • Be compatible with all interactive whiteboards available in the market.
  • Have all elements of the screen easily viewed from any location in the classroom.
  • Pose questions and provide tools that will actively involve all students in class discussions.
  • Make it easy to reach controls and tools while working at the interactive whiteboard.
  • Provide whiteboard tools and high-quality visuals that can be used across the curriculum